Point Pay Airdrop

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Required tools:
How to join
  1. Create an account at PointPay.
  2. Join their Telegram group and leave a comment.
  3. Join their Telegram channel.
  4. Follow them on Twitter.
  5. Like their Facebook page.
  6. Subscribe to their Youtube channel.
  7. Follow them on Medium.
  8. Submit your details to this airdrop form.
  9. You will get 300 PXP tokens.
NOTE: You can only spend your bonus 300 PXP in the PointPay ecosystem to reduce trading commissions or purchase educational materials.

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More about Point Pay

PointPay is a modern cryptocurrency ecosystem that consist of Crypto Bank, Crypto Exchange with fiat money support, Crypto Wallet and Crypto Payment System. The multinational project team consists of 48 people, including developers, experienced traders and advisers from China, UAE, USA, France and many other countries of the world. PointPay tokens are already listed on Livecoin exchange. PointPay is airdropping 300 PXP tokens to all airdrop participants. Create an account at PointPay, complete simple social tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form to receive 300 PXP tokens. If you have more than 2000 PXP tokens you will receive free educational materials about crypto trading from experienced PointPay analysts.

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