Ludena Protocol Airdrop

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Required tools:
How to join
  1. Visit the Ludena Protocol giveaway page.
  2. Register and verify your mail.
  3. You will get 2 tickets.
  4. Follow them on Instagram. (+1 Ticket)
  5. Subscribe to their YouTube channel. (+2 Tickets)
  6.  Join their Telegram group or Wechat group. (+2 Tickets)
  7. Follow them on Medium. (+2 Tickets)
  8. Join their Reddit page. (+2 Tickets)
  9. Follow them on Twitter.(+2 Tickets)
  10. You will get a total of 13 tickets if you complete all the above tasks.
  11. Also earn 1 ticket for every referral.
NOTE: Each ticket grants you a chance to win the rewards. Thousand lucky winners will get $10 worth of LDN tokens each and three lucky winners will get $100 worth of LDN each.

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More about Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol is a gamified social platform dedicated to worldwide gamers. Their protocol offers a comprehensive, gaming-centric ecosystem complete with a rewards-based social media platform, fee-less virtual item exchange and P2P gaming platform. Their first Dapp is, GameTalkTalk, with over 3 million users from South Korea. Ludena Protocol is giving away a total of $10,300 worth of LDN tokens to lucky winners. Sign up for the campaign and earn tickets to get a chance to win the rewards.

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